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the cyprus airport managements p1.

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the cyprus airport managements p1.

Postby Toran » Mon Jan 02, 2017 6:31 am

So i know most of you guys dont really care about what is going on with airlines or even an airport in general i mean you only need those so you could fly out of here
i know i would, but that is not the case i will tell you a few inhumane idiocracy the current managements have done and you should be aware about it as posible employees or possible flight passengers. Here is goes

For starters you know when you as a passenger feels that he needs a painkiller just to remove a headache well you better pack up with you theres no chemist there, no really there isnt if someone said that there is he might need a few crazy pills, but that doesnt mean they wont provide you they will.

You just have to wait for a 10 minutes for a jackass to arrive with a wheelchair whom who which is scared shitless cause they keep telling us there is a sick person that needs to go to the medic. I am no kidding they are really telling us that and we excpect a person who might have a heart attack but no its just a lady or a guy with a headache. Oh if you decide to take the offer to go to the medic you will also wait for 5 to 10 or even 15 minutes all together (walking distance and the medic preping up) it depends on who is the medic or whatever.

Now i know this is stupid to write about, but no the fun doesn't end there now lets say you are badly ill and you dont know if you need any medical attention well guess this he or she cant give it to you you know why it is but one or if you are lucky two nurses in other words they cant make decisions cause truth be told they need a doctor to take a look at you but he wont be there also he will never be there unless its one of those who truly belives in his oath and thats sacrifice but not the case, Most of the tme they tell the nurse to suggest the patient to be shipped from the airport to the hospital now that is drastic , though i regret to announce you will still wait for the ambulance while there is an ambulance in the airport and they aint budging for no one. Now what happens if you say no i have my doctor waiting for me at the other end , they let you off take your info and they will ask you to sign a piece of paper that says i am traveling on my own responsibility now this is a heads up if yopu sign this never show it to your health insurance cause they will probably let you pay for your treatments now why they might well the nurse the ambulance in the airport and the piece of paper you sign is official from the goverment now just so you know its not that their isnt a doctor willing to work in the airport med room its mostly quiet (if you are lucky) its just well i dont know who is at fault here but it is an agreement the management arranged with the goverment.

how i know this stuff well i was threatened to be let off i know this isnt much but i will edit this and start part 2 soon bye bye. :mrgreen:
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Re: the cyprus airport managements p1.

Postby CBBB » Mon Jan 02, 2017 7:49 am

I thought we had enough crazies on here already!
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