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Cyprus Airport Managements P2

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Cyprus Airport Managements P2

Postby Toran » Tue Jan 03, 2017 12:32 am

This section is about the proposition of changing the security.

I would like to start with a proposition that was made by the airport management this is about the security heads of the airport.

I am not gonna talk against the police or the current security company working in the airport but rather one of the oddest propositions that the Management has done and it is disgusting . Now take note this was out there for some time but i haven't heard if it came to action so far but i will say it.

It was proposed by the management that the airport must be fully secured by private security, now for those who know how the law works that doesn't make sense and to some it does, now most employees thought that the police would continue patrolling the outer perimeter of the airport along with the army but then again how can a security guard arrest someone.
Well turns out inside will have a few police officers, this so far makes some sense but this proposition also included removing the police from the passport control and placing there a private company and this was one of the most disgusting things that the management has thought.
Now i know that if a new company is opening in the airport it's a good chance for civilians who are unemployed to have employment but this was arranged that their payment would be the same as always 740 basic give or take and the management thought of a scheme that they would charge a small amount from peoples tickets without them knowing, now this isn't running now because

1st airlines will never allow this for if one person says this isn't right they would have won a case in the court of law in any country.
2nd i hope it was humanity that stopped them or
3rd it was so out of the open they stopped it before starting.

NOW PLEASE take notice this was only heard within the airport and if you believe it or not it is up to you.

Thank you

Part 3 will come out soon also i found out i can't figure out how to edit my post so bye bye.
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