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"Uncle, why am I called?"

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"Uncle, why am I called?"

Postby tsukoui » Tue Jan 03, 2017 1:51 pm

I felt so sad when my nephew asked me this question, only recently come into the world and already seeing the futility of existence.

"Why am I called?" I have asked myself the same thing. Why did Sheikh Nazim call me? He thought I was a "pole of Islam" until I told him I was schizophrenic and then he doubted. Perhaps if he had realised that schizophrenia is the Westerner's attempt to learn the secrets of the shaman's waking dream state he would still be alive today. As to my nephew, he recognised me from the moment he was born like an old master, past lives are a fiction, and a reality, since all are constructed out of thought forms, one can attach any thought form from the past to oneself and live it, thus I have believed I was in the imperial court of China at one time and a Voodoo priest at another, I have speculated that I was Leibniz, and attracted Newton's life to me to complete my lessons. In truth we are all one and as such we can be and have been everyone who has existed in the past. Yet my nephew knew me. The soul is not the personality. Any personality can be adopted, from the past, the present, and possibly the future, my question is can two souls inhabit the same body, or even a machine like a computer or radio or record player? I believe so, though I would not like to be trapped in a silicone maze with no way to jump across the connections. Salam.
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