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...rather like poetry; for Tim

How can we solve it? (keep it civilized)

...rather like poetry; for Tim

Postby repulsewarrior » Wed Jan 18, 2017 5:54 am

“Best and last chance for peace,” says Guterres.? ...check your facts Mr. Dyer, that was Mr. Junker; Mr. Guterres said that there is no quick fix, I do not remember what he said in reply to Mr. Junker's comments, but I know that it was not in agreement with them. "a bi-national republic in 1960.", really, Mr Dyer? i suppose you will be telling your readers that the USA, and Canada are not Bicommunal, Bizonal, Federations? Canadians, like Americans, don't like to call themselves Canadians, or Americans, they are, "English", or "French", "Native", "Spanish", or "German"? That "Canada" or "America" do not exist because they can be identified by their (ethnic/racial) parts? And that Canadians, like Americans, should, welcome foreign powers to their shores, to dislodge the population when it suits these parts? Cyprus, complex indeed. ...i don't know why, Mr. Dyer, you seem so bitter to me, tired, cynical, as though you have come to accept it, the Problem, as an issue of "Turks", or "Greeks", choose one, who is more "right" who is more "wrong"; a blame game, right? But let's remember who Canadians died for in Cyprus; not the "Greeks" and the "Turks", there was and still is the other half, their victims, who, for the most part, were murdered and made to disappear by them, for "being", Cypriot. (...let's not forget Cypriots now, that they need this help the most.) Turkey, Erdogan, does have a lot at stake in Cyprus. (Since the Treaty of Lausanne, actually.) It is their National issue. Perhaps Mr. Erdogan is not ready to recognise Cyprus, he remains the "but one". And while he links Cyprus, the Problem, to his designs with the EU, and Greece, it requires of him the realisation that, if Cyprus is not Greek, Turkey is not Turkish, Cyprus divided, means Turkey divided. It is possible, however, that in the Cyprus Problem, there is the solution to the Problem in Turkey; a Turkish State, and within it, Turkish Constituencies. ...he will have to say, "One Cyprus, One Turkey", without the deal he is looking for on the world's Universal Principals in Cyprus, and for a deal with his own electorate in Turkey not "Turkish". Legitimising his view that only "Greeks, and "Turks" exist in Cyprus, that Cypriots do not exist, in affect secures for Turkey a supremacy for "Turkishness", over what it, is not, not just in Cyprus; that too, is the Problem. ... yprus.html

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