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Driving in Cyprus

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Re: Driving in Cyprus

Postby Paphitis » Wed Feb 15, 2017 7:12 am

airbornepara wrote:Well the world of banking and property developers reside on a somewhat higher rung of the ladder than I.
I'm trained in security have truck driving blowing shit up and kicking doors in, I have a grand in my pocket as possible job offer and a dream of a few years with the sun on my back as reward for my troubles. That's the trough I drink from. It ain't much but I'd like to think it's Do'able

Word of Advice: don't answer his silly post about Banks and Finance. You will never hear the end of it.

Yes I know, I stuffed up by feeding the troll his pet topic but what it comes down to for the troll is a whole lot of self confessed bitterness on his part as you can see from a previous post. :roll:
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