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ELAM's victory, the talks break.

How can we solve it? (keep it civilized)

ELAM's victory, the talks break.

Postby repulsewarrior » Fri Feb 17, 2017 1:00 am ... osis-vote/ ... osis-bill/

...some reaction from the press, my quote follows,

I suggest, if the "Turks" find the "Greeks" so offensive, they should join them in the Legislature. That debate would not have ended so closely. I suggest dialog is more important than ever, in Cyprus. And yet, it is heartening to see, at least, a split in the Republic's vote, as it is; like the regime in the occupied north, where it seems, it's House is split, those "Turkish", and those more Cypriot.

...i would also like to remind the readers, that while Mr. Anastasiades must wear two hats because he is the Leader of Cypriots, the President of the Republic, and the Leader of the Greek Community at the negotiations. Mr. Akinci does not share the same responsibility. He has the luxury of representing exclusively, the view that is "Turkish" (read: not "Greek").

How different for Cypriots who dare to do the same, to fly the Flag of Cyprus, on the other side of the "Green Line". Mr. Akinci may complain about the "Greeks", and how their influence is alarming to people in the north. Yet, those who are "Turkish" enjoy the same protections while sustaining their harmful rhetoric against a Cypriot Agenda. Let's remember, Cyprus does not belong to "Greeks" and "Turks", they are not the "owners", and they are only half of who will in the end decide Cyprus' fate. I would hope that if he, Mr Akinci, is Cypriot, he will not turn his back on the rest of us for "Turkishness", he would understand that Cypriots exist, too.

...that while the "Greeks" may treat the Flag of Cyprus like a rag, it continues to fly; that is something to think about.

...while Akinci has taken in affect, the low road, is it not interesting that the bill would have failed with a DISY vote? my mind it is another wake-up call, without Cyprus united, more of this, from the "Greeks" (and more of the same from the "Turks" as well).

...nothing stops Turkish Cypriots from taking their rightful seats in the Republic's Legislature (except the Turkish Army). any case we will see now, when he returns to the table, if he returns, for what.
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