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No Unitary "Cyprus" Government Exists!

How can we solve it? (keep it civilized)

No Unitary "Cyprus" Government Exists!

Postby MrH » Mon Feb 27, 2017 4:38 pm

The Greek Cypriot side falsely believes that a unitary “Government of Cyprus” still exists as a permanent structure and that the Greek-Cypriot administered only "Republic of Cyprus" (without its legal Turkish Cypriot Partner people) is that Government as the island's final resolution.

However, it is also a fact that due to the Acceptance of the Greek Cypriot administration to engage and accept UN Talks based on a Federal formula of two Equal Federated states, that, two different administrations do actually exist on the island, regardless of one being "de jure" and one "de facto", and where BOTH will eventually have no other choice but to concede the required conditions and accept this fate in order to resolve the long disputed Cyprus problem in the eyes of the United Nations.

* The EU and UN also stipulate that the "Republic of Cyprus" has no effective Control or Administration over the "Northern Territories" of the island of Cyprus, thus presenting the condition that the TRNC exists as long as the island's political status is disputed! However, what is more disturbing for the Greek Cypriots is that every passing day of a non-solution to the Cyprus issue is an opportunity missed in discrediting the rights and liberties of the Turkish Cypriot people in soon legally establishing and gaining acceptance of the their "Breakaway state". We have recently seen this with the Recognition of the TRNC by Pakistan, Azerbaijan and now the OIC.
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Re: No Unitary "Cyprus" Government Exists!

Postby DrCyprus » Mon Feb 27, 2017 4:40 pm

Who gives a toss about Pakistan, Azerbaijan and the OIC?
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