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The fuzz and the skills of haqqers?

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The fuzz and the skills of haqqers?

Postby tsukoui » Tue Mar 07, 2017 2:01 pm

Stop and search is the most controversial technique of policing distributed computers, a fuzzer is a program that sends random information to a web browser in the hope of finding an anus, the fact is the haqqers simply do not know what the distributed computers conceal, they think that just because they can interface at ease they must be magicians, magic is of course haram, and hence it is the duty of the police to uncover the nature of the crime, "science" is not "magic" however, as "magic" is submitting to "jinn" in exchange for power, as the St. Louis folk say, "voudou" is not "whodoo", the trouble with the youth of today is not that they are incapable, it is that they are without religion, not knowing the law and their rights.
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