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EU: Local elections not necessary?

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EU: Local elections not necessary?

Postby Pyrpolizer » Sat Apr 01, 2017 5:25 pm

It already happened in Portugal in 2015, where the country's president Anibal Cavaco Silva fully backed up by the EU itself shocked everyone when he decided to offer a government mandate to the former Prime Minister Passos Coelho, although the latter did not have the majority in the House.

During his televised address, announcing his decision, Silva said he "could not allow the formation of a government with the participation of parties that are in favor of the exit of Portugal from the European Union and the euro. That would catastrophic" he said.
"Political instability is a risk you take," he further said.

The funny thing is that according to the Portuguese Constitution the elections could not be repeated until the second half of 2016, meaning that the country risked having a paralyzed government for a whole year. Coehlo’s Government eventually collapsed…
More information about it here: ... tion,_2015

So is the EU favoring a system where the local elections should be abolished? Are we moving into an era of absolute bondage, confirming those who for years warn us of an emerging Global Dictatorship?
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