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Turkish Citizen trying to cross from TRNC to Cyprus by land.

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Re: Turkish Citizen trying to cross from TRNC to Cyprus by l

Postby Sotos » Mon Jun 26, 2017 2:03 pm

CBBB wrote:
Sotos wrote:
DT. wrote:Trying to cross from what to Cyprus? :?

Didn't you vote for Anastasiades? Your president agreed to give to most of the Settlers Cyprus passports and to all the rest work permits so they can all roam freely over the whole Cyprus.

Giving them all Cyprus passports is the best solution, once they have them they will all bugger off to Germany!

Why would they all leave if they can have a Turkish state as part of the EU and we would be paying to raise their standards? We are the ones who will move out once we realize that not only there was no unification and liberation, but that now the whole of Cyprus is a hostage of Islamic Turkey since we will not be able to take any decision democratically and everything would need to be approved by the Turks! Anastasiades has screwed up big time!
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