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FINAL POST: 1974, Makarios, EU and Today!

How can we solve it? (keep it civilized)

Re: FINAL POST: 1974, Makarios, EU and Today!

Postby Get Real! » Sun Aug 06, 2017 11:21 pm

repulsewarrior wrote:Turkey needs a Cyprus united. A Cyprus united is a Turkey united; think about it.

I did; for about 2 seconds, and it makes no fucking sense whatsoever so don’t post it again.
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Get Real!
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Re: FINAL POST: 1974, Makarios, EU and Today!

Postby Kikapu » Mon Aug 07, 2017 11:22 pm

MrH wrote:

Assimilation with Turkiye has started! Hmmmmm, what was that you was saying Kikapu about my suggestion not coming to Frutition? As I've said all along, The Maras/Varosha being rehabilitated by the TRNC, Turkey capturing all operations of TC based companies......and many more to come, will make the Greek Cypriots swim in their own vermin for demanding the impossible for the comprehensive settlement based on an equal Federal footing with the Treaty of Guarantee and Alliance firmly in place! Good Luck!

If you currently live in the TRNC Kikapu and are part of the YKP Durduran Socialist party with your imaginative and idealist, and unrealistic vision, you'd better move across the "Cease Fire Line" to the only EU area of the island of Cyprus seeing that both the TRNC and the two Huge British Bases are NOT! Wake up and smell the roses Kikapu my friend. Trust me when I say that I have been where you are, even stayed on the Greek Side for a while and woke up quicker than Snorting Cocaine!

First of all, you wouldn't catch me dead in the north. I have zero reason to be there whatsoever. I'm not in the habit of going backwards in time or have any desires to study Jihadism or be a servant to Turkey's interests.

MrH, you can be charming at times when you don't act like a cunt (so keep it up), is the reason why I'm giving you any of my time here. Whoever had any doubt that Turkey was fucking the TCs from day one, be it be in business dealings or personally by controlling their lives with hand-out. TCs always didn't mind getting fucked by Turkey, as long as it wasn't going to be the GCs. So Turkey will destroy TC businesses in the north hoping to twist the EU's arm to deal with the TCs directly. Sorry, it isn't going to happen. As for Varosha, it too is not opening. It's all about nothing. Actually, if Turkey was smart, it would rebuild Varosha with TC/Turkish labour just to create jobs. The only problem with Turkish workmanship is, within 10 years, newly re-built Varosha will look just as bad as it does today, so it will need to be done again before anyone can move in there if the the next settlement talks goes well in about 10 years time.

OK, times up!
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Re: FINAL POST: 1974, Makarios, EU and Today!

Postby MrH » Mon Aug 14, 2017 11:02 am

The Truth at last from a Greek Cypriot:


Cyprus Mail

Perhaps it is time for Cyprus to consider the unthinkable
Perhaps it is time for Cyprus to consider the unthinkable

The recent collapse of the UN led efforts for a solution to the Cyprus problem has led me – a Cypriot by birth and feelings,- but Canadian in the way I think, to propose a radical approach.

I was particularly embarrassed by the way the Greece and Cyprus Republic officials reacted towards the UN mediator, accusing him of not representing the true facts.

I found those comments cheap and less than magnanimous towards a very hard-working UN official who tried for several years to bring the two sides together. My own conclusion was that the culprit of the failure in Switzerland is the Greek and Greek Cypriot side which realised that they could not sell a solution to the electorate in a referendum and opted out

I took a few long walks after this disappointment and concluded that:

The Greek side was the one who started the conflict first in 1955 with the demand for Enosis and the Greek junta intervention in 1974.

As for the second one, the 1974 coup against Makarios, I suspect that there is consensus among the Greek Cypriots that it was a criminal act by the then Athens regime which brought upon the island the Turkish intervention and partition.

The intervention was legal in my opinion, but it was brutal and unjust, in the sense that instead of restoring order and the legitimate government, it partitioned the island.

Following several UN resolutions, Cyprus Republic officials have always insisted that the problem had to be solved on the basis of those resolutions and the principle of one federal country with two states.

Yet, the repeated UN led efforts since 1977 to find a solution have not borne fruit. It is now forty years and counting. As time goes on, there is less and less good will for the inhabitants of the two sides to find common ground for the federal option.

And this diminishing interest for a solution is particularly strong on the Greek side – hence the difficulty of the political elite to accept an agreement and try to sell it to the electorate in a referendum.

The Greek side has always considered the possible partition of the island as an anathema. Yet, it has been now more than 43 years since the 1974 Turkish invasion that people live in such a situation and in fact over 54 years since the 1963 start of the atrocities between the two communities and the withdrawal of the Turkish Cypriots from their role in the Cyprus Republic. Unfortunately, partition has been the norm, and peaceful in fact, for about half a century now. Perhaps it is time to consider the unthinkable; that partition and a two-state option within the European Union, is viable and practical.

A ‘Northern Cyprus Republic’, within the EU would allow for the freedom of movement of all EU citizens, including the Greek Cypriots. With a just adjustment to the territory they keep – along the lines of what has been agreed during the endless negotiations of the last few decades – the northern EU state would be larger than Malta and not much smaller than several other EU member countries. The big advantage would be one less government and fewer bureaucrats – with no federal regime on top of the Cyprus Republic and the ‘Northern Cyprus Republic’.

Are the Greek Cypriots willing to consider such an option? if yes, the road could be much easier towards a settlement and perhaps a declaration of solution by the UN. If not, I suspect the Cyprus problem will go on for another 50 years. Fortunately, I will not be around that long.

Stelios Pneumaticos, Ottawa, Canada

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