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The TRNC and ROC working in Harmony

How can we solve it? (keep it civilized)

The TRNC and ROC working in Harmony

Postby MrH » Mon Sep 25, 2017 8:29 am

Although there are many, many more, enjoy the below....

Good News! TRNC and ROC getting along!

Finally, the TRNC and ROC are actually getting along like two states:

1. They are both in harmony with their educational institutions; Universities and Civic Societies in issuing sponsorships
2. They are both working closely on the Missing persons agenda
3. Many Greek Cypriots have been paid off via the TRNC's IPC programme for property compensation, indicating a more realistic way forward in solving the Territorial issue.
4. The TRNC and the ROC have always been in unison of the "Cease Fire Agreement".
5. The TRNC and the ROC have hardly ever seen any aggressive or violent activity on the border. Any incidents have always been resolved very quickly and amicably.
6. Neither side has ever shown any terrorist activities.
7. Both peoples on the island travel to and from their respective States with very little reported incidents or grievances.
8. Politicians from both sides have always worked closely with each other in the search for a viable and realistic Two state Federal solution.
9. The UN peace keeping mandate has always been updated on a yearly basis with no concerns.
10. Both peoples from our two states spend a considerable amount of monies across the border in a show of economic solidarity, agreement and a vested interest in the rule of humanity, respect and a common vision.
11. Both Cypriot states have shown, and continue to develop, a foundation of harmonisation in the area of medical standards and for the protection and the stability of any outbreak of diseases or viruses of the island.
12. The Presidents of both states have always pleaded a common understanding and willingness to negotiation a Cyprus Federal settlement since 1975.
13. Cyprus today, as compared to the pre-1975 era, have been living in peace and harmony with the most minimal of reported disturbances.
14. Both States are seeking, and have accepted, a Federal agreement based on two equal Constituent States for the future.
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