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Results in, Occupation regime still split

How can we solve it? (keep it civilized)

Results in, Occupation regime still split

Postby repulsewarrior » Tue Jan 09, 2018 5:01 am

The reformist People’s party (HP), which emerged third with 18.1% and nine seats had, like the CTP, ruled out cooperating with the rightists before the poll. At least 26 seats are required to form a government.

“The central theme of this election was corruption and good governance and the UBP and Democratic party are synonymous with corrupt and bad government,” said Hubert Faustmann, professor of history and political science at the University of Nicosia. “They will find it difficult to form a government unless the CTP and HP betray their election pledge.”

What had emerged, he said, was a murky political landscape where neither hardliners nor moderates had triumphed. Even if the Rebirth party, representing Turkish settlers, which won two seats, joined forces with the UBP and Democratic party, the three-way government would be in with a wafer-thin majority.

Yet, despite the gloomy atmosphere, a psychology professor at the University of Cyprus told state radio that a large majority of Turkish Cypriots support a federal solution.

Haris Psaltis told state radio that according to data of a survey currently being evaluated, about 75 percent of Turkish Cypriots either support or consider a federal state as the most acceptable arrangement. ... 880773.htm

A quick assessment of the results indicates a nationalist three-way coalition the most likely. UBP’s 21, DP’s two and YDP’s three seats would give the three parties 26 seats from an overall 50 in ‘parliament’.

Another possible, but unlikely arrangement is a CTP, HP, TDP and DP coalition also giving the parties 26 seats. If the parties fail to agree a deal, fresh elections could also be on the table.

There have been three coalitions in north in the last four years.

The National Unity Party (UBP) took first place in the elections in the north on Sunday, but failed to win a majority making some form of a coalition arrangement all but inevitable.

UBP’s 35.5 per cent (21 seats) was followed by the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) with 20.9 per cent of the vote (12 seats) and the People’s Party (HP) with 17 per cent (9 seats).

The Communal Democracy Party (TDP) managed 8.65 per cent (3 seats), the Democratic Party (DP) won 7.84 per cent (two seats), while the Rebirth Party (YDP) on just 7 per cent got three seats because of the multiple voting system. ... ons-north/

...will corruption be ended, will the social-economy be able to improve its sustainability and/or capacity; more of the same, i'm guessing.
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Re: Results in, Occupation regime still split

Postby B25 » Tue Jan 09, 2018 12:23 pm

Who gives a flying F what these fake elections produce. Anyone would think that they were a legitimate state ffs.

The gypsies voted for Erdocunt and that's exactly what they will get. They don't know how good they currently have it until Erdocunt really clamps down on them. The TCs can go whistle and give back their EU passports and IDs and stay with their motherland.
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