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RoC at loggerheads with EU comission

Benefits and problems from the EU membership.

RoC at loggerheads with EU comission

Postby erolz » Wed Sep 22, 2004 12:36 am

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Postby michalis5354 » Wed Sep 22, 2004 12:07 pm

As you have already noticed the GC leadership is hiding behing procedures , old fashioned laws , and policies instead of seeing the main issue. This approach of course serves neither sides interest and makes the cyprus problem more and more complicated.

It was very interesting an article I have read recently at Cyprus Mail commenting on the secret meeting between S.Denktash and T.Papadopoulos well before the referendums. There is nothing wrong with this meeting as such even If that meeting has been kept secret. What is wrong in my opinion is the statement made by S.Denktash saying that he is more alligned with T.Papadopoulos than with Mechmet Ali Talat. It is obvious that T.Papadopoulos has been alligned with all the hard -liners at the North.
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Postby brother » Wed Oct 06, 2004 12:48 pm

hi michaelis,

i honestly believe that tassos and denktask(SENIOR&JUNIOR) do not want reunification of our people and that scares me as they duped us all into electing them to power to only make fools of us.

I do however find it strange that they are having secret meetings especially when Talat is the leader not denktash, also the fact that the details of what was spoken is still a secret and that tassos wanted the meeting kept secret and to further complicate matters why did junior expose the meeting at a later date.

I feel there is a lot more going on and we the cypriots are the ones who will pay for there corruption.
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