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Propose and discuss specific solutions to aspects of the Cyprus Problem

Postby growuptcs » Wed Jan 25, 2006 10:23 pm

Lala_Mustafa_Pasha grow up, and talk with your mouth because it stinks bad around here.
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Postby Piratis » Wed Jan 25, 2006 10:45 pm

Lala, you keep pretending to be the Vergin Mary. The fact is that Turks have commited in Cyprus 100 times more and worst crimes against Greek Cypriots than the other way around.

You forget the whole history and you remember only 15 years, yet even in those 15 years you forget your crimes.

Here is from a British site that like you calls EOKA as terrorists:

The Turkish community was whipped into a frenzy by broadcasts from Turkey calling for the partition of Cyprus. Violence between the turks and Cypriots broke out in early June and climaxed when eight Greeks were massacred in a cornfield near the Turkish village of Geunyeli.

Even in those 15 years that you cry about an equal amount of GCs and TCs was killed.

Wake up, its not "your" land and never has been, since when was this a Greek Island ha, since when did the 1960 Republic of "Cyprus" remember Cyprus not Greek or Turk but Cyprus suddenly become YOUR land, its just as much my land as your land wether you like it or not.

Did I ever say it is not your land as well? (if you are Cypriot) The whole Cyprus belongs to all Cypriots. This is what I say. You are the one who insists that the north part of our own country doesn't belong to us.

Re-location is not ethnic cleansing it is re-location a big difference.

I will not reply to this and similar comments. You are making good work of making fool of yourself.
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Postby Perastikos » Wed Jan 25, 2006 11:20 pm


If you have anything to say please (se parakalw pes to) say it.

I’m sure what some ones have to grown up.

And I’m not the kind guy who makes only a comment.

Den eimai o ipios anthropos pou tha se piasei me to kalo an exeis kati na peis pes to alios aisixtir ala tourka.


Think about it.


You know what the word STOKKOS means your are one. REALIZE IT.

You keep seeing phantoms and demons but the only demon I see is inside you.

Wake up men.

We have the bullshiting government to make as seems like karagiozides we don’t need your stupidity to make as a worst image.

What your are trying to find exactly?

You try to find the bud guy?????

Look inside of you and try to over think again the bullshits you see in the TV because here isn’t any way to make propaganda.

Try to understand firstly what we are all humans and what we have all our faults to this situation.

Did you realize what we have become the perigelo of Europe?

Did you realize what our president have psychological problems?

Do you know what with the president Kiprianou we have the same problems?

If i start saying to you our political history you will try to find a place to hide.

I’m not sarcastic this time I’m speaking about what I see but I’ll be sarcastic if you insist.

You admitted early that the EOKA Terrorists Greek Junta polilcy of Enosis was ethnic cleansing, so yes Greek Junta did carry out ethnic cleansing, you should try and find out what ethnic cleansing is. The Greek Junta summed it up alright, To Kill Every Turk on the Island and make Cyprus a pure Greek Island, this is ethnic cleansing.

Re-location is not ethnic cleansing it is re-location a big difference.

If the Turks wanted to make an ethnic cleansing they would very easily do it.

We wanted to make an ethnic cleansing. WAKE UP.

I can even get on their minds anymore the are totally out of control.

The stupidity out of the limits.

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Postby Lala_Mustafa_Pasha » Thu Jan 26, 2006 3:05 am

Perastikos as long as there are people like you in this world "humanity" has hope.

Are Turks innocent goody goodies, hell no, were not innocent but neither are Greek Junta, we shouldnt live in a world where we think my side's good their side's bad. Were human being Greeks arnt perfect Turks arnt perfect, a crime against a Greek isnt more than a crime against a Turk and vica-versa we all need to get to grips with this concept.

Piratis, you dont get it do you, your mentallity is very counter-productive, the more you shout and foam at the mouth about so-called "barbarian" Turks the more that Turks will do the same back to you, its a two way process, you can't expect to accuse others and then be upset when the finger is pointed back at you.

How are we all supposed to get along when you have such extreme views as this, you don't realise do you, the more extreme you become the more you push Turks, this is what certain Turks love its what they desire so they can say about Greeks, "hey brother man I told you so", you are the worst example you can give.

Take some tips from Perastikos, he destroys the negative stereotype sadly some Turks have of Greek Cypriots.

I used to think all Greek Cypriots hated us and wished death upon us but last summer a Turkish friend of mine went to Greek Cyprus.

He went to rent a bike and an old man asked him where he was from, he though for a minute and decided not to lie and told the guy he was a Turk (at this point I thought, shit, he's in for it now :lol: ) but the guy turned out to be a lovely man, he offered my friend a tea, they sat and talk and he knew a few words of Turkish and said he had old Turkish friends. My friend was a changed man, I really felt good after hearing this and though maybe things are changing and there is hope for our people to co-incide.

Dont you realise PIRATIS, you shatter these hopes :roll:
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