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GC land vs TC land

How can we solve it? (keep it civilized)

Re: GC land vs TC land

Postby Lordo » Wed Dec 05, 2018 3:18 pm

Maximus wrote:
repulsewarrior wrote: for its value, that reflects its use. Fifty years ago Paphos was a good place to raise donkeys. The Karpas was the food basket of Cyprus, the north, what is occupied today illegally, was the economic engine of Cyprus. Today, as it is, it is clear that Cypriots, as a "Turkish" regime have failed in their efforts to prosper. What was worth more, has become worth less, far less relatively speaking in real terms.

This paragraph here requires a special highlight.

I have also underlined what would happen to everything in Cyprus if the "Turkish" regime were to have artificial and disproportionate powers in government. In a post solution Cyprus.

Everyone would fail to prosper and everything would be worth less, far less.

They think they know better, but they don't.

boy is you in for a shock.

when the tc from limasol applied for his property they did not tell him you were groing wheat in it this is what it should be worth. they paid him 50million euros for 5 donums of land. i presume it includes an element of loss of use. that was on avearge 1 million per donum.

when they exchanged the gc 600 donums of land near ercan with 27 donums of land in larnaca they did not say what they were used. they calculated that days vlaue for both. the value of the 600 donums ofland came to about 13 million euros which was the same value as the 27 donums in larnaca. exchanged both sides happy. except roc of course. they refused to hand over the property in larna to the poor gc fellow, till he took them to eu court. they still refused to hand it back but agreed to buy it off him.

dream on boy. angurga you say, mesdo gollossou i say
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Re: GC land vs TC land

Postby kurupetos » Fri Dec 07, 2018 1:07 am

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Re: GC land vs TC land

Postby repulsewarrior » Fri Dec 07, 2018 5:46 am

...anyway Lordo, in particular, there will be splashy sensations when the rightful owner of Property has the opportunity to get their just dues. But, in general, land in and of itself is valued by its use. What it was worth compared to what it is worth is another consideration.

...for example, the rightful owner returns to take possession of his ocean front land. On it has been built a multi-million dollar hotel. What are the options for the hotel owner? If it is not a deal that is to the land owner's satisfaction, he may demolish this work, remove the rubble, and return the land, the Property, as it was found to its rightful owner. Frankly, many families in Cyprus may find that under these conditions, working together as Cypriots is a better solution than insisting on getting what was theirs' as it was. Carpetbaggers may have the opportunity to actually buy their homes, it won't surprise me if some will be unable to pay even rent in some neighbourhoods, now open to the free market.

...such as it is, enclaves north and south of the Green Line may be a viable alternative for the redistribution of the population island-wide, without destroying the social fabric of either constituency, and for the redistribution of Land. Indeed Communities, as Communities, may return; new ones may be built.

...anyway, you cannot deflect the facts. Management of Natural Resources, and Infrastructure, stopped, where the Turkish Army have taken charge, the day it wasn't "Cypriot" any more. It may have taken forty years for the illegal regime, to suck every drop of water, and every watt of power, but they did.

angourka as you say, pulling one out; "you" should be making a living, selling a lot of them to the "Turks", but instead "they" keep coming along, taking it all.
(you call "yourselves" Proud Turks, Erdogan calls "you" servant-slaves)


ah re Lordo, (you too kurupetos,) i have to thank you... the toilets of Kykko Monestary, it reminds me; just shit: powerful and inspiring. Who leaves unmoved, without reply?
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Re: GC land vs TC land

Postby Pyrpolizer » Sun Dec 09, 2018 11:19 pm

Lordo wrote:is it really?

there are 1.5 million donums of land in the north stolen from gcs and there are 450,000 donums of land stolen from tcs in the south. even if land values were the same it would make 3 times as much.

i am afraid the person who worked out figures for this needs to go back to primary school. the land values in the south are on average at least 5 times the values in the norf like.

pull the other sunny yanni the middle one has bells on mate.

perhaps you can gives us the breakdown as to how they arrived at this fantastic figures.

this is what they have done. they valued gc properties in the north at over 30,000 per donum and tc properties in the south at just over 10,000 per donum.

that is really clever. and of course your average yanni would swallow that whole without even question it.

I have time and time again provided all the evidence in this forum.
From memory what the TCs left behind was 1/5th area-wise and with 1974 prices 1/20th value-wise.
The article says 413.177 Vs 1.463.382 donums which is actually 28% still close to what I've said aaages ago in this very forum.
Who is the THIEF?
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