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dirla da daaa song

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Re: dirla da daaa song

Postby Lordo » Sun May 02, 2021 12:35 pm

Get Real! wrote:
Lordo wrote:
kurupetos wrote:
Lordo wrote:who is galatasaray and who is who is the son of mitr.

It's a team based in occupied Constantinople.

Mitroglu is the best Greek striker. :mrgreen:

ironically he must have descended from the Turks to have a surname ending with oglu.

…oglu are all either crypto-Turks or crypto-Greeks (depending on where they currently live) who originate from Izmir.

That's the craziest thing I have read. They may come from Izmir, they are certainly crypto-Turks but they could come from anywhere including Cyprus. Oglu means the "Son of". Not that different with all the European names ending with "son"

There is a politician in the north called Sucuoglu. This is not one that was created after the name change but was there in the 60s. His father was the headmaster in a school. It means the son of the person carrying water. All Turkish names have a meaning.,%20%20Turkish%20%2029%20more%20rows%20
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