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violence in sport

Football, Basketball, F1 etc.

violence in sport

Postby Lordo » Fri Jul 05, 2019 11:47 am

so when does sport end and valence begin in a game.

yesterday a tennis player openly claimed he directed the ball at the chest of another tennis player because he wanted to hurt him. now that is an incredible situation. in effect he had fired a rubber bullet at another player. and it’s perfectly legal. now the players is clearly trained to respond and defended himself with his racket, but what if he ducked and the ball went on and hit a ball boy or a linesman/woman.

the same thing goes on in football. the ball is kicked at about 100 miles per hour and it is 10 times the weight of the tennis ball. how can a player claim he kicks the ball at another player to see if they have the balls to stand in front of it.
the same applies to cricket. instead of banning body line bowling, they padded the people and made them wear helmets.

so going back to the tennis player who wanted to hurt another player, i wonder what dna does he carry in his genes. it wouldn’t be greek by any chance could it?
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