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Another problem with Public,another drama

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Another problem with Public,another drama

Postby Torto » Thu Jul 18, 2019 9:50 am

Before a year, I have a problem with my phone(bought from Public, I had made a topic in this forum last year). After a little drama, in the end, I received a new replacement(they were not able to fix it or it would need more time). Everything was ok and both sides happy.
Now a year later, I started to have another problem with the phone(the phone is working fine, but the back cover started to unglue probably because of the battery(if I trust their technician). They took my phone for repair and said that it will be ready between 10 and 20 business days(which is completely ok) and I received all the needed documents.
So where is the problem?
Because I had a similar experience with them last year, I purchased from them a "safety net smartphone broken screen" protection/insurance which their selling team/sellers assured me that if I have another problem I will receive an immediate replacement with the phone with the same specs.
So when I went there and ask about a replacement(until my phone is fixed)...all the excuses started to show up:
"No, this not guarantee you a replacement
Ok, you will receive a replacment...if we have something available
We don't have now, come next week"
I am pissed off because they promise you something and in the end, they offer you nothing but excuses.
In the end, I received an 8-10-year-old smartphone(Alcatel)(which is definitely not with the same specs as my phone) and after one hour I took it started to show different problems with the display and to turn off automatically(so the phone is not working).
They said to me to come next week to see if they have something better available as here the main word was "eventually".
But I paid this insurance not to receive something eventually, but to receive now.
I contacted their support-they said to me(via e-mail) that their representative will contact me, but no one contacted me at all.
I am angry because when they advise you to buy this insurance, everything is ok, when they need to fulfill their duties...they started with all the excuses.
So all this insurance which they promote to everyone who is buying a new phone is worthless-if you need they will give you :
-some crappy phone which is not with the same specs as they promise you.
For 30-40 euro you can buy a better one(as I did).
Give me back some feedback and pieces of advice.
I have all the needed documents if someone needs them
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