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Americans have never heard of the British

We all need a good laugh.

Americans have never heard of the British

Postby Leo_Aslan » Thu Jan 30, 2020 5:15 pm

Ever since Harry married Megan, whose estranged father lives in Mexico, it has been harder for Cypriots (Indo-Europeans) to find love. The caste system of the four poles of the Roman crucifix has been applied as a test to all those who claim to be at the centre of the known world, Grenwitch, with English women converting to Islam in droves. Even Glastonbury maintains that Cypriots are "White" and that is a problem. Mexico is playing football with severed heads again, and Megan hasn't a clue, she is after all just a Disney princess, not the daughter of Beyoncé. Who do these Cypriots think they are, the women ask, they are dirt poor and homeless. America continues to apply the empire's weapon of the cross, north, south, east and west, ruling everywhere except China. Indo-Europeans, at least the Turks are Asian. When we move to the U.S. we will have to denounce the cross as Christ did, coming down after only three hours, far less than the Philippinos stay up for in their Easter celebrations. Others by the side of Christ stayed up for longer, giving cover to Christs escape, though whether he died in the instant or the next life is a matter for mathematicians. What is certain is that he is buried in Kashmir, or at least one of his many homes and resting places can be found there. I only know one Cypriot in America and his name is not Baghdatis. Don't know if this is posted in the correct section...
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