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The electric violin and amp

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The electric violin and amp

Postby Leo_Aslan » Thu Jan 30, 2020 5:22 pm

Tsatista is in ruins, it barely features true oracles anymore and the violin is too antiquated to pick up anything from the ether, the tachyon waves that travel faster than light, possibly emanating from black holes. The only way to pick it up is on tape, radio or vinyl. What is needed is an amp, with both transistors, chips and valves, connected to supersensitive pickups, or tines, to use the correct term, on an electric violin. Thus far, only Hendrix could really pick up anything in a similar fashion using an instrument of strings, but he used six not four, and no bow. Feedback is dangerous, one shouldn't consort with jinn, but merely listen, the challenge is to play as an oracle and pick up at the same time. The complex rhythms of hand clapping might need to be digitized as well, either electronically or acoustically. The poets are intelligent for sure, but they think too much about gaining the crown. Women are the best judge, Gaia, Hera and Aphrodite, not to mention the Virgin of old. I've never heard erotica, being more interested in peace than politics, call me a hippy if you like. Cheers.
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