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Greece-Egypt EEZ

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Re: Greece-Egypt EEZ

Postby Maximus » Mon Aug 10, 2020 10:12 pm

MR-from-NG wrote:
Cap wrote:Hey Oceans, did it ever occur to you, maybe, just maybe....
A large scale Cypriot 'peace' operation, where we saved the oppressed Kurdish minority in so called 'Tu**ey'
Along with the oppressed locals?

Crazy innit? Maybe not as crazy as you think.
Think about it.

Over the years I convinced myself Replusewarrier was smoking the best whackybacky available but I'm having second thoughts now. Come on Cap, don't fuck about, I want some of your gear mate, can I PM you with my address? :shock: :shock:

Agree with you Mr-NG,

its a crazy idea,

Those Turks that make up 50% of the population that oppose Erdogan wouldn't do anything to help,

if they did, we might, maybe win. :lol:
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