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The dangers of YouTube’s basement channels

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Re: The dangers of YouTube’s basement channels

Postby repulsewarrior » Tue Feb 23, 2021 3:30 am, ... ign=210222

...after reading this i'm surprised that the Trumpists have not found in it another reason to say that our memories of Little Christmas this year, are not their fault.
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Re: The dangers of YouTube’s basement channels

Postby Paphitis » Tue Feb 23, 2021 1:21 pm

I totally disagree...

YouTube and the internet have given the people a voice and giving them the ability to be heard.

As a Democrat in the truest sense, as opposed to the bogus ones who call themselves Democrats in the US but are no such thing, I can not concur at all or even in the slightest with any of the sentiments in the OP.

As a libertarian and Republican, a real Republican who opposes the Windsors, who fought against imperialism and slavery, I must say, I may not agree with your opinions or ideas but I will fight and defend your rights to have them.
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Re: The dangers of YouTube’s basement channels

Postby Paphitis » Tue Feb 23, 2021 1:24 pm

Maximus wrote:Many Americans stopped believing in facts years ago.

Half the population have strong views but they dont know what they are talking about. They want to put feelings above facts and logical, rational discourse.

I told you, the colleges have been infiltrated with leftist and the other points of view on the right has been suppressed or purged. This is one reason, they are churning out a bunch of imbeciles with skills that have little or no value in the market. On top of that, you have collusion between big tech and media conglomerates to de-platform ans silence people they politically disagree with, which creates echo chambers and allows nonsense to go unchecked more easily.

This is not limited to education but it extends to the mainstream media as well. These entities have morphed in to corrupt mouthpieces, stuffed with pundits to shill for their parties and ideologies. No longer neutral and reporting facts, or working in the best interest of the citizens. The media are one of the main forces of dividing people.

They are after clicks for advertising revenue too. Unless you are the BBC, you can spew propaganda all you like because their funding is guaranteed by the tax payer..

You think its limited to youtube creators? take a broader point of view. How many companies with a reporting license talk absolute shit? :roll:

I totally agree Max. Well done.

They are trying to purge free speech.
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Re: The dangers of YouTube’s basement channels

Postby yialousa1971 » Sat Apr 24, 2021 2:13 am

Get Real! wrote:Countless lazy oafs are operating worldwide from their mom’s basements in a frantic race to generate revenue from Google’s ad-schemes that promise to financially reward videos via an elaborate scheme, once they surpass one million views.

This shortsighted; but very profitable for Google, scheme has led to two major negative developments…

1. A plethora of videos on conspiracy theories, misconstrued information, and sensationalized half-truths.

2. An increasingly paranoid audience of these videos, eager to act out on the misinformation; often breaking the law and/or placing themselves in danger.

Cypriot viewers of these bogus channels are not exempt from deceptions as evidenced by reports like these… ... 27chronos/

This foolish 27 year-old saw fit to place an exploding device at a CYTA shop entrance after spraying “No to 5G” and “There is resistance” on the door and wall.

Some months ago, another fool; or possibly the same perpetrator, had set three mobile phone antennas on fire at a great cost to CYTA customers. If you can imagine, these antennas are around $10,000 each to replace… the costs to which will be passed down to customers, make no mistake!

So, not only are YT viewers wasting their time with FAKE news, but some have also started to become a worrying nuisance to society by acting out on this misinformation.

Some of the most popular misinformation theories promoted by self-serving deceivers include...

“The dangers of 5G”

“Why masks don’t work”

“Covid-19 is a hoax”

“The great reset”

And a host of other bogus theories! Once again I remind that the incentive for the existence of such videos is PROFIT FROM USER CLICKS and none other!

These individuals who create such videos are usually neither informed, nor authorized, nor qualified... in any way or form relating to the subject!

I believe the time is long overdue for the EU to crack down on all these impostors. One of the ways to combat the problem is to force Google to prevent conspiracy theory videos from generating any income.

This would prevent myriads of profit-aiming LIES from circulating, leaving only genuine theories to be published by those who don’t seek an income.

So how can we tell apart a genuine well-meaning video channel, from an impostor?

Well, the professional news/documentary networks are always CONTACTABLE via a website, a physical address, and phone numbers.

They are also licensed and subject to the rules and regulations of their respective media watchdogs.

Here are some examples of excellent documentary makers: (by no means the only ones)

Deutsche Welle (DW), Germany’s international broadcaster… ... pLviKh297Q

Ruptly (RT) is a global news channel broadcasting from Moscow and elsewhere…

BBC, Britain’s major network…


The golden rule of thumb when it comes to news…

“If none of the major networks are saying it... chances are it didn’t happen!”

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