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Cyprus and New Zealand ranked top in covid response

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Re: Cyprus and New Zealand ranked top in covid response

Postby Paphitis » Sat Feb 06, 2021 3:20 pm

Kikapu wrote:
Paphitis wrote:No way in hell the US, Saudi Arabia are more supportive than Australia though. Canada maybe as they are very similar to us. But not as good as Cyprus obviously or Australia. US though? Probably not a chance. I was going to move to the US. I know a lot about it. Biggest risk in America is the lack of universal health care. If you are not insured and end up in a US hospital, you can be bankrupted in no time. And health insurance costs about 7 to 10k per it’s not something everyone can afford. So the key in America is this. Don’t go to hospital.

Actually, the US was giving it’s citizens good financial assistance last year with the first stimulus package under Trump. Many people were making more money being at home than whilst working for several months.

Those on furlough were receiving their unemployment benefits plus the $500+ per week from the government assistance, and if you were already receiving Social Security payments for being retired but were still working and now unemployed too, many people had 3 direct source of income from the government. A friend who was in the above situation was pulling in close to $6,000 per month. Americans having a “Right to Work” policy which allows retired people to work if they wish to, and many does, most so out of necessity, can still claim unemployment if they are furloughed even when they are officially retired.

Let’s face it, no Universal Healthcare is free in any country. Countries like Australia and many European countries have higher income tax rate to help pay for healthcare for all. Switzerland we have zero Universal Healthcare as every individual must have health coverage on their own and it is a compulsory policy with checks and balances to ensure this policy, so we shop around for the best coverage/ least expensive policy. Many insurance companies compete . My personal Health Insurance per year out of pocket max if used extensively is 6,500 Swiss Francs. If I do not use the Health Service at all, it will cost me about 5,500 Swiss Francs a year.

This is just for illness and not for accidents like falling down and breaking a leg for instance or cutting your finger badly in your kitchen. No, that is a separate insurances coverages paid as a company benefit when working, or self paid when retired or unemployed, but it is fraction the cost of illness insurance. Dental insurance is way too expensive, so I just pay out of pocket when needed since I still have all my teeth. In return, we have relatively much lower income tax than neighboring countries. I get great health care here and have used it extensively when needed and the 6,500 Swiss Francs spent each year has been well worth it. So it all comes out the same in the wash.

In the US, most companies pay most of the medical insurance coverage for their full-time employees and their family as a company benefit, but their income is generally less than those in Europe or Australia, which many people cannot afford to buy health insurance if they are part-time workers, even if the hold 2-3 part time work or when they are unemployed. You are basically on your own, which is one of the reasons why the US has been hit badly with the pandemic because many people have many health issues. Obamacare tried to address this problem by making it more affordable which safeguarded about 20 million more people into the healthcare system, which Trump and the GOP are trying to stop this coverage as they think it is socialism to assist those who would go otherwise without any coverage. Unhealthy citizens is bad for any country’s economy.

That is one of Americans major shortfalls in not helping the hungry, the homeless and the sick. Quite disgraceful in fact. Federal minimum wage has been around $7.50 an hour for the last 12 years. Biden wants to raise it to $15.00 per hour over the next 4 years, but getting opposition from the GOP. It is crazy to think anyone can live on $7.50 per hour even in states where it is cheaper to live than some other expensive states. Most people in the US are just one paycheck away from losing their homes, health care and the life they have been accustomed to, which makes them slaves to their jobs.

When Covid first kicked off and they locked us down people, mainly workers were complaining.

I remember I was overnighting in Perth when the state of WA was going to be shut down - 24 hours noticed. I arrived in Perth late afternoon. FO was Perth based as we have mining and Petroleum contracts with most notably Chevron Mobile. FO went hone whilst I was staying in a Perth City hotel. Then I got a call from operations. Had to get in a cab ASAP back to Perth Airport to get on a flight from there to Brisbane. So I was on a red eye QF plane to Brisbane, had to be given 3 days off because I exceeded my duty time.

The alternative was a possible indefinite lock down where I wouldn’t be able to get out of the state of WA.

I asked to be flown to Adelaide and the company said no. Because SA could go into lock down and they said my only options were Brisbane, Sydney or Canberra. So I settled for a Brisbane.

That was scary because they told me I may not be able to see my family potentially fit a very long time.

WA had the most draconian response.

I totally agree on your final point. Universal health care is false. Someone has to pay. Those countries who have universal health care are paying for it in reality through higher taxation. The benefit though is those who are unemployed or in need of assistance get health coverage which they wouldn’t do in countries that don’t have it. That’s the only benefit.

However, health care in the US is ridiculously expensive. They have an A Grade system. Best hospitals and great doctors but you need to pay big bucks over there or be insured which again costs big bucks. The Americans argue that their taxation is lower as a result. That’s true. But the disadvantage is that the vulnerable may not afford the big medical bills or afford insurance so some people are in a pickle which isn’t a very good thing for those people who are low socio economic.

If you are lucky enough, your employer insured you in which case it’s no problem. But your pay is docked for it so you still pay for it in the US big time.

So there are pros and cons.

But the Health Sector in the US needs to be revamped. It’s not like in the UK or Australia where everyone has the ability to access health care as a right.

But overall, I totally agree. Health care isn’t free in Australia by any means. Universal health coverage isn’t free. There is a bill and someone has to pick up the tab and that’s the taxpayer.
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Re: Cyprus and New Zealand ranked top in covid response

Postby yialousa1971 » Sun Feb 21, 2021 4:38 am

DT. wrote:
Paphitis wrote:Yesterday, Australia had 6 Covid positives - 1 community positive, the first in a number of days.

The same day Cyprus had 106 community positives.

You do the Math.

So bullshit Cyprus is ranked higher than Australia. If only you were.

You have Australia in the one hand where we are all out without masks, shaking hands, hugging, kissing and being carefree or Cyprus where you are all in lockdown because if you were not you are all playing Russian Roulette.

Now DT, you didn’t answer my question,

No doubt Australia is doing very well. Are you happy for us Australians knowing we are safe. I’m sure you are happy for us! Am I right?

I'd be first in line to donate equipment and expert assistance in order to help out Australia...obviously I'll be delighted if we can help your suffering population.

Why haven't you done your home work? :roll:
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