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Google turns the screws...

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Google turns the screws...

Postby Get Real! » Thu Apr 01, 2021 8:00 pm

Google turns the screws with forced user tracking and privacy violations!

Google has just made it impossible to access either Google Search or YouTube (at the very least) before forcing the user’s consent for privacy violation, by first redirecting you to a different URL where you are “dealt with” before permitting access!

For access to Google Search it will first redirect you to “” and for YouTube it will first redirect you to “”; following in the footsteps of Yahoo Search which for over a year now first redirects you to” for good privacy-violation schooling!

This latest stranglehold of Google violations is impossible to bypass using popular Ad-Blockers because redirects cannot be bypassed by blocking a URL like you would for an Ad or Tracking JavaScript library, because blocking a domain like” would simply mean that you can never get to the consent stage let alone reach the Search Engine!

And neither will you be able to thoroughly clean your personal computer of junk files, cookies and old browsing sessions, without having to go through the laborious “consent” process each and every time!

As the heap of Internet trash on your hard disk grows over time, you should notice your operating system getting slower and slower and your browser barely moving to fetch Internet content. Memory usage will be maxed with the browser’s need to load ever-growing gargantuan cache and database files.

Many people will be fooled into buying a new computer with double the memory and double the specs, in the hope of satisfying a never-ending problem.

The solution? Well, I can honestly tell you that now there’s only ONE...

The Classic Browser v6.8

The only browser on the market that will take you STRAIGHT to Google Search or YouTube without any hassles, thanks to its proprietary multi-faceted methods of defeating Internet annoyances.

So free yourself today from the evil clutches of corporate America...
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