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Postby Lordo » Wed Jun 02, 2021 10:56 am

Talk of blind leading the blind.

Children in the UK have lost a lot of learning time in the UK and the government today propose to spend 1.4 billion pounds to help them catch up. The equated it to the way rich kids parents give extra tuition to their children to help them in school.

Considering at least 9 month of classroom education has been lost the 1.4 billion offered to 10 million students equates to 140 pounds per child. That will really help or so says the ass that is called Education Secretary Gavin Williams. Also know for the way he blackmailed MPs to vote for the government.

You would think an Education Minister would be somebody who actually spent some time as headmaster at a school right? Naaa this is not needed here.

Oh by the way the assholes in the BBC got the number of students to be 7 million and the figure per child to 50 pounds. Go figure that one out.
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