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Is Talat genuinely pro-Solution?

Propose and discuss specific solutions to aspects of the Cyprus Problem


Postby lysi » Fri Apr 07, 2006 10:28 am

MRFROMNG & RUDE GAL, how many kurdish children did your brave turkish army & police kill this week ? your army still acts like animals i see.
Do you both support the actions of your brave police & army ?
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Re: Is Talat genuinely pro-Solution?

Postby sadik » Fri Apr 07, 2006 11:48 am

Agios Amvrosios wrote:Talat recently stated that he would refuse to meet with Papadopoulos except to discuss Missing people. Denktash has been reincarnated.

How is this guy pro Solution? He should gop back to fixing fridges and leave constitutions, solutions and human rights to serious people.

This is complete misinformation. Talat did not state that he would "reject" to talk about except the issue of the missing. He said they would not talk anything other than the issue of the missing, the reason being Pap not wanting to talk about anything else...
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Postby Piratis » Sat Apr 08, 2006 12:32 am

whats "genuinely" ?
and whats "pro-solution" ?

Exactly. Most people including Talad are genuinely pro-solution. The question is pro which solution? The aswner is that Talad is not interested in a solution that will truly unify Cyprus and respect the democratic and human rights of all people, but for a solution that will legalize the partition of Cyprus and would solve the problems of TCs without ending the violations of GCs human and democratic rights.
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Postby West Side » Sun Apr 09, 2006 9:55 am

All along the TRNC wanted their own state and they will get it. As time goes on with no solution they are getting closer to their goal
West Side
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Postby Agios Amvrosios » Mon Apr 10, 2006 2:31 am

West SA -eeed.

Is that all it takesfor an ethnic group to form their"own" state. Why don't they form their "own"state on land they actually have legal title to in paphos or somewhere shit like that.

I want to form my own state in my spare room.
Agios Amvrosios
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Postby growuptcs » Mon Apr 10, 2006 5:42 pm

West Side, they're not getting closer to their goal, they have to get us to agree on something first. GC's are holdouts just as much as TC's are. Remember who started the holdout process. Your saying that the side that holds out the longest wins. lol. Either way for N.Cyprus, GC's have to ok N.Cyprus to become legal, not vice-versa. So all the threats that TC's and Brits write on this site, they justify it to themselves and feel victorious, when all they're doing is just blowing it out their ass.
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Postby MARIA_29 » Mon May 08, 2006 2:32 pm

Dentash reminds me of a pig :lol:
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