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Cyprus blocks opening of first chapter in EU-Turkey talks

Benefits and problems from the EU membership.

Postby despo » Tue Jun 13, 2006 2:03 pm

miltiades wrote:We all hope that Turkey will indeed join the European Union , just as Cyprus did , we also hope that Turkey will accept that the EU will never admit a nation that occupies one of its member states. Turkey must encourage reconciliation of the two communities by recognising the RoC and by insisting that the Turkish Cypriots are very much part of the ROC , and not a separate state.

The EU has not requested that Turkey remove its troops from Cyprus as a condition for it joining the EU, so Turkey is not being obliged by the EU to remove its troops from Cyprus. The EU does not believe that Turkey is occupying one of its member states, the EU has never used the word "occupation" in relation to the presence of Turkish troops in Cyprus. The EU wanted the GCs to accept the Annan Plan, the EU praised Turkey and the TCS for their support of the Annan Plan, it is the EU which proposed direct trade with the TCs. The EU has a very different view on the Cyprus problem from that of rejectionist GCs.

The TCs participate in the RoC, according to the RoC constitution, by voting separately from the GCs, having a separate parliamentarians that only they vote for (as GCs vote only for the GC parliamentarians), and there is to be a TC Vice President (only GCs can vote for the President). Do you like this constitution, Militiades? This is only in theory though, in practice the RoC does not represent the TCs. We need a new constitution for that.
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