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European championships 2008

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Postby simonwjones » Tue Jul 04, 2006 12:26 am

sof wrote:
simonwjones wrote:England have been really poor havent they. The EFA should introduce a limit on foreigners in our league. There a far too many crappy players coming from all over and its stopping young talent coming through.

The next world cup just think. Gerrard-30, Owen-30, Lampard 32, Rio - 32, Becks - 35, the two Coles - 29, Hargreaves - 30, Shaun Wright Phillips 29, Terry - 30, Neville 35

I can't see any younger players coming through the ranks either. If all the top clubs continue to import rubbish then we will disapear into the international football wilderness just like Scotland and the two Irelands have done.

lennon,moore, anton ferdinand,steven taylor,milner,wallcott,matty fryatt(spelling?),rooney,downing(not that good but he is ok),morrison,richardson

english players are too expensive.

8 million for andy johnson whos not even the top goalscorer in the championship. you can buy a foreigner as good as AJ for 3 million.

If the club manager trained the youth and bought them through the ranks it would cost nil.

How much did the Nevilles, Becks, Scholesy, Butt and Giggy cost Man U? Nil correct. Think of the millions they have made and saved the club. Can't see this happen again for years mate.
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