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Europeans do not want Turkey in EU

Benefits and problems from the EU membership.

Should Turkey join EU if the majority of Europeans do not want her in EU?

No. Accession should be supported by the majority of Europeans
No. Accession should be supported by a majority in each of the 25 EU members
Yes. What European people want is not relevant
No votes
Yes because USA wants Turkey in EU
No votes
Total votes : 7

Europeans do not want Turkey in EU

Postby Sotos » Sun Jul 30, 2006 4:23 pm

MORE European Union citizens are against Turkey's entry into the 25-nation bloc than in favour, with Austrians, Germans and Cypriots leading the opposition, a public opinion poll showed on Friday.

About 48 per cent of adults in the EU oppose the Muslim country's accession, even once it fulfils all conditions set by the EU, while 39 per cent back its entry, said the Eurobarometer poll, published by the European Commission.

Turkey started entry talks last year along with the former Yugoslav republic of Croatia, but many diplomats expect it may join the bloc in 10 years at the earliest, if at all. Continued public opposition could jeopardise the prospect, analysts say.

The poll showed the majority of the EU population backed Croatia's entry into the bloc -- 56 per cent in favour and 30 per cent against -- and a relative majority supported accession of other Western Balkan countries, except for Albania.

Some 44 per cent of EU citizens oppose the entry of the impoverished Albania, which was isolated from Europe for decades by an isolationist brand of communism.

The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as Serbia and Montenegro have nearly 50 per cent backers and 36-39 per cent opponents. EU leaders have given those countries membership prospects, but they still face a long way before they start entry negotiations.

Oddly the poll showed that even at 68 per cent opposed, fewer Cypriots were opposed to Turkey's EU accession than Austrians at 81 per cent of Austrians and Germans at 69 per cent.

Over two thirds of Greeks also opposed Turkey joining the European Union but it’s entry is backed in Sweden, the Netherlands and Poland most.

The poll revealed certain enlargement fatigue in many of the "old" 15 EU members which followed the bloc's expansion into ex-communist eastern Europe in 2004 to take in 10 newcomers.

It showed people generally believed enlargement enriches Europe's cultural diversity, promotes democracy and helps ensure peace and stability.

But many people in the "old" member states feared loss of jobs to new member states and settlement of low-paid workers from future member states.

The perceived negative impact of the EU's last enlargement and prospect for Turkey's membership played a role in the rejection of the bloc's constitution in referendums in France and the Netherlands last year.
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Postby souroul » Sun Jul 30, 2006 5:04 pm

see: asia minor catastrophe
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Postby cypezokyli » Sun Jul 30, 2006 5:55 pm

if the majority of the european people dont want turkey then turkey shouldnt join in.
if the majority of the european politicans want turkey to join, they should start working on that. they have 10 (or more) whole years.
if turkey wants to become a member they should make sure to stick with the rules.
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