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RE Drum n Bass ( The start of somthing )

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RE Drum n Bass ( The start of somthing )

Postby dj edab » Tue Aug 15, 2006 10:09 pm

Hello there
just returned from cyprus last week and was hoping to find some sort of dnb outhere or even breakbeat but i found nothing was staying around protoras and napa so probably not the best place to look for it. Looked on this forum to find out more saw the flyer for the atmosphere night in Limmassol! is the first dnb night of its kind in cyprus? Whos running it and whats the dnb going down like. I would love to know because I really want to come out to cyprus to dj and see what sort of reponse I would get I HAVE CDS MADE If anyone is interested in hearing my style of dnb. (no mcs no jump up just pure euphoric dnb) I need To find a group of people who are willing to try and put a night together In somewhere like napa or limmasol or even extend a night thats allready happening.I no theres got to be potential outhere because hardly anyones playing it and once people start to here the proper dnb they will love it. tryed to drop emails to some of you dnb heads but dont seem to be working. I am totally serious about this willing to give up good job and my life to come out to cyprus to get this music reconnized Its got to be done. Need support and info so drop us a mail at [email protected]
Thanks for listening DJ EDAB (Bristol)
dj edab
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Postby sneezing7 » Wed Aug 16, 2006 8:25 am

email sent
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