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Settlers: a lunchtime rambling....

How can we solve it? (keep it civilized)

Settlers: a lunchtime rambling....

Postby Guest » Mon Nov 24, 2003 4:14 pm

It doesn't sit comfortable with me that TC's are now out numbered by settlers and resent the settlers. This was a crime by Denktash. I haven't anything against the settlers as they have done nothing wrong. It just makes settlement more of a headache.

I do believe that everybody has the right to live in their original home. And that is the same for both sides, including the holiday homes GC's have made out of TC houses (though I think these people were told by the Government that they would have to give them up in the even of settlement).

We must resist the brainwashing and exploiting of differences.

Just a lunchtime rant. :wink:

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