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Cypriots:The Most Advanced Nation of The World.

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Cypriots:The Most Advanced Nation of The World.

Postby insan » Sat Jan 01, 2005 12:18 pm

Cypriots:The Most Advanced Nation of The World(True for a few)

Despite all this, millions of homeless, naked and hungry, sunk into mud, are still expecting a helping hand. Are they expecting any help from us too? That’s mighty hard. Card-playing leaves few alternatives. We are egoists and greedy. Our kids are just like us. Still, in case there is a penny left, we could always contact the Cyprus Red Cross (tel: 22 666955) and make our personal contribution. Maybe Jesus Christ will be reborn in our hearts the way He really is and not as a croupier…

Andreas M's hurtful words regarding Cypriots might cause him to have been lynch by a crowdy group of Cypriots but I don't think any Cypriots has given a s**t what he pointed out. This proves how true his opinions about Cypriots are...
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Postby Piratis » Sat Jan 01, 2005 12:37 pm

The problem of apathy for other countries disasters is a world phenomeno and not a Cyprus one.

I hope Cypriots will do more but there is no need to project Cypriots like they are world's worst people!

Cyprus towns canceled new year celebrations ( ... yID=646838 ) and many people have contributed for the Tsunami victims.
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