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Propose and discuss specific solutions to aspects of the Cyprus Problem

Postby bigOz » Tue Jun 12, 2007 5:00 pm

EPSILON wrote:
bigOz wrote:
EPSILON wrote:I will not spend my time to find your post with "your photo" as a pilot and not of course a pilot of airline but in an airforce.

Of course in organised army airforces pilots retired from flying at 45 yo. Exempt maybe Turkish one where you wait some young guys to learn in Aagean sea.

As for young people you are speaking about I would wish to be such a young guy but unfortunately i am not. Unforetunately for you i have the experienced to deel with persons like you particularly in military aspects

As I said before I am not interested in petty arguments to prove who is wrong and who is right. I would like to see where you got the figure from, for the retirement age of 45. You obviously lack some knowledge in the area and I shall make an exception in trying to explain to you better (because this thread is not about flying but "Solutions to Cyprus problem")

"in organised army airforces pilots" as you like to put it, pilots are contracted for a certain number of years to serve. This can vary from one country to another but on average is probably 10-12 years. The joining age is often between 18-23. Does that mean they retire when 28 or 35? No it does not. What ir means that hey are free to continue on or move on to the more lucrative and financially rewarding area of being a civilian pilot. Others may carry on as instructors.

The reason why there are not many 45-50 year old military pilots serving in the airforces is not because they are not fit to bly but mainly because after so many years of service they move up the hierarchy. The few that remain become high ranking officers, generals etc. by that age, hence they become more desk orientated and are no longer required to carry out the duties of a combat aircraft pilot.

Also I wish you would stop going on about the Turkish pilots learning to fly over the Aegean sea! Having such a big coastline on that sea gives them every right to fly there as anyone else. As for their training, there is no shortage of pilots in Turkish air force, in fact there is more demand for the positions then there are spaces. They are all well trained and often score very high during multinational NATO exercises. I am not so sure why you keep going on about the Aegean sea or their training - what's the problem?

And what do you mean by saying "Unfortunately for you i have the experienced to deal with persons like you particularly in military aspects". How much do you know about me to pass such a judgment? Or refer to me as "person's like you"? Like what?

Let me tell you something, thanks to another GC, I have decided not get into abusive arguments however much provoked. Forget about what you know or what I know but lets just say that this thread is not about pilots and flying, least of all about me or you.

If you really wish to find more about any aspect of flying then ask a question in another thread in the General forum, and I shall answer you in a civilised manner.

I Fully agree with your final decision to not insist on pesonal aspects.
In this regard i stop this argument here

Thank you! :D
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