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Turkish Christians in new torture fear following murders

Everything related to politics in Cyprus and the rest of the world.

Postby karma » Sun Apr 22, 2007 5:39 pm

the_snake_and_the_crane wrote:Turkey needs to admit when its wrong and help its self. That way it gives the EU less of an excuse to exclude them. Right now the EU has thousands of legit excuses.

I agree with that too :roll:
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Postby Murataga » Sun Apr 22, 2007 5:50 pm

the_snake_and_the_crane- you wrote:

Read about this the other day. When are Turks here going to admit that there is a rise in ultra nationalism in Turkey. Until they admit to it - it wont begin to decrease,

Yes you are right, I have to agree with this. And unfortunately it is definitely not doing Turkey any good. This phenomenon has excalated in Erdogan`s term as prime minister. I believe there are two reasons for this: (1) The majority of the people strongly believe that he has made too many concession in the international relations of Turkey (2) (perhaps this is not directly Erdogan`s fault) there is a significant buildup in the terrorist activities of the Pkk that has found safe heaven in northern Iraq. These developments have triggered the nationalist feelings of the Turkish society. I find it natural but also hope that hey don`t overdo it.
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Postby miltiades » Sun Apr 22, 2007 7:03 pm

karma wrote:
miltiades wrote:
karma wrote:
Get Real! wrote:
the_snake_and_the_crane wrote:Read about this the other day. When are Turks here going to admit that there is a rise in ultra nationalism in Turkey. Until they admit to it - it wont begin to decrease,

What the TC's admit to is not what is important but the fact that Turkey is moving in this direction. :D

Coz hypocrite Christian Club EU did its best to drive Turkey in this direction...

Karma , I see you haven't taken up my advice and that is why you made this rather stupid statement . Now girl get your self a glass of red vino and drink to the continued success of the EU , while you are at it raise your glass and thank your lucky stars you weren't born in some third world medieval country . Cheers !!

looll, red wine is always there Miltiades, no need to remind me but still thx..
But I suggest every1 in the forum not to make comments for the countries they have never visited..
I m not trying to say Turkey is perfect, ofcourse she is not ready to join the EU yet...but on the other hand I dont think EU is treating her decently..
so many double standarts, everyday a new racist comment by France or Germany or Austria...then why all these games?? if they really dont want Turkey then let them be honest...and say it clearly.....
I believe EU is a racist, imperialist, christian club which drives Turkey day by day towards Islam, instead of helping they had better not nag anymore...and get ready slow by slow to enjoy The Islamic Republic of Turkey..

Karma , I will rejoice the day that Turkey joins the EU .It will be a great day for Turkey , Cyprus , Greece and all of Europe.I have been consistent with my support of Turkeys' entry into Europe. Conditions of membership are stringent for all countries and prospective candidates must appreciate that there are rules and regulations to be met.
The day Turkey enters Europe I will crack open a bottle of my favourite wine and I hope you can join me and celebrate a very potent historical event pertinent to the part of the world that we all love so much.
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