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Turkey is waiting for a "gesture" from Washington

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Turkey is waiting for a "gesture" from Washington

Postby insan » Fri Feb 11, 2005 11:49 am

Turkey is waiting for a "gesture" from Washington before deciding on the use of Incirlik for Iraq by the USA
Istanbul NTV television (10.02.05) broadcast that Turkey is reportedly looking warmly to the use of Incirlik base as a centre of logistic support for Iraq and Afghanistan. It is also reported, however, that at a time when Turkey is concerned about the developments in Iraq, it would be useful for Washington to make a gesture before Turkey reaches a decision in connection with Incirlik.
According to NTV, Turkey and the United States have been discussing the issue of Incirlik in connection with Iraq ever since the end of 2003. Earlier, Turkey rejected certain unrealistic US demands regarding the future use of Incirlik. One of those demands concerned the transfer to Incirlik of two fleets of F16's, 24 in all, currently stationed in Spangdahlem base in Germany. Turkey also rejected the US request to have US planes carry out training flights over Konya.

At the moment, the two countries are discussing the usage of Incirlik base by US forces as a logistics centre. The issue was taken up during the Ankara visits of General Abuzaid, US Central Forces Commander; and of Douglas Feith, under secretary of defense for policy.

It was learned that the United States wants to be given a blank check so that it can use the base for logistic purposes everywhere and for every operation. Turkey, however, wants the base used only for specific purposes, such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Nevertheless, at a time when Turkey is seriously concerned about Iraq, there are psychological barriers before reaching a positive decision in connection with Incirlik. Turkish officials are saying that to remove these barriers, it would be beneficial for the United States to make certain gestures in connection with Iraq and the PKK [Workers Party of Kurdistan].
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Postby brother » Thu Feb 17, 2005 12:45 pm

That would be bad ıf the amerıcans got a blank cheque.
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