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Our biggest enemy

How can we solve it? (keep it civilized)

Postby PEACE » Sat Mar 13, 2004 11:08 pm

Let me point out that between 1963-1974, there was no "invasion" and RC still did not function the way it was supposed to.

Piratis can't reply this so saying "this is past and forget".Mete is right about this subject.

RC started to not function since 1963 as you know but you are not accepting.Anyway... It's not good to blame other side for everthing.You have to first accept we suffered from each other "EQUAL".

I'm not using the past, I'm just telling you that you made the same mistakes in the past, we both sufferred, and now you're making the exact same mistakes. I'm using the present more than anything else.

I agree with Mete! There is someone that who wants to hide some parts of the events ! Some is trying to show like all problem started with 1974.But Piratis don't want to talk about 1963-20 July 1974 period.So when mete starts telling events between this period Piratis is saying "These are past,forget."Its easy to say the things are past that you don't want to talk about and want to hide them!
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