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Postby cannedmoose » Sun Apr 24, 2005 12:00 pm

devil wrote:Even the news is what? 80% consists of each Minister repeating the same nothings every day, while as many other wannabes jostle in the background trying to get his mug framed in the shot. PATHETIC :( :( :(

I laughed my face off reading this devil as it's way too true. To try and keep up with things I watch the RIK news quite regularly and I've lost count of the number of times that they repeat the same old clip (although they do sometimes change the 'dramatic' background music!). In the latest broadcast yesterday, they showed the same Christofias :twisted: clip 6 times.

I also laughed hard regarding your comment about the 'wannabes' in the background. At times it's akin to a poor-man's rugby scrum as the various lackies wiggle around whilst trying to look interested in what the main person is talking about (must be difficult, bless them!)

Does anyone know how much RIK gets from the government? I'm often surprised that it's government funded yet still has advertising revenue. Surely this is anti-competitive? There's been enough of a scandal in the UK about the BBCs new digital services which have advertising, surprised the same thing hasn't happened with the regulators in Cyprus, particularly given the general dissatisfaction with the quality of RIK.

As for their English newscasters, where do they get these people from? The old guy who does it looks and sounds as if he's about to lapse into a coma at any moment (must be difficult presenting the same clip 3 or 4 times though! The blonde woman has trouble reading the autocue and the brunette looks as if her eyes are about to pop out of her head, very much like a human frog in fact. I know they have to read more slowly than they would in the UK, but come on... most Cypriots I know can cope with more than 1 word a second, it's quite tiring just remembering what they said 10 seconds previously.
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