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Barbers in Paphos

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Postby wulliemcmartin » Mon May 12, 2008 11:26 am

Cheers mate.

I;'m looking to learn some basic greek. enough to ask some basic directions, and have some manners, please, thank you.

like a "large keo please"
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Re: Barbers in Paphos

Postby AQ » Wed May 21, 2008 8:13 am

wulliemcmartin wrote:
Get Real! wrote:
wulliemcmartin wrote:Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


My advice if for the bride to be so here goes…

Get yourself a future husband that has actually got a brain.

ie: One that can have a haircut before his flight and purchase a razor & foam when in Cyprus.

Imagine ripping a newbie on the forum.

Try Andy on the main road in Geriskipou. He is proper no-frills barber, charges 7 Euros for a cut, don't know about a shave.

tsk tsk. :roll:

anyway, i keep my hair very short and need to trim it with clippers. after 10 days it'll be long and fuzzy, usually i shave it every week, and i can't be bothered bring clippers, charger etc etc.

and i was also wanting to have a proper shave, proper razor, proper barber..

just thought someone on here would be able to point me to a barber.
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