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What would Enosis mean to the average Cypriot

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Re: What would Enosis mean to the average Cypriot

Postby Sotos » Mon Mar 16, 2020 10:41 pm

Cap wrote:So we look at former countries under Britain.
Australia: 1st world
Canada: 1st world
New Zealand: 1st world
United States: 1st world
South Africa: Ex super 1st world ( former nuclear power and industrial superpower), Post apartheid under black rule: Banana Republic.
Cyprus: Banana Republic- Greek/Turk influence.

Those are only a small subset of the countries formerly under British Colonial rule, here is the complete list: ... ed_Kingdom

You know what is different in the examples you gave: The foreign colonialists nearly eliminated and replaced the local population. So we are among the lucky ones, we still exist. The same for the native South Africans, who have been discriminated and oppressed for centuries, but now they are at least free.

The British only cared to enrich themselves and serve their own interests on the expense of the native populations.
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