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Two Brave Greek Women Taking Down "golden dawn"

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Re: Two Brave Greek Women Taking Down "golden dawn

Postby supporttheunderdog » Mon Oct 12, 2020 4:56 pm

Paphitis wrote:
supporttheunderdog wrote:How should one treat with criminals?,
Pleased to see this result.

Seems to me that now whenever we disagree with a political movement we brand them certain names and box them into certain categories.

Not just GD but look at Trump and who is next? Le Pen?

I would really like to know what laws they broke. What makes them criminals? I’m not jumping on the band wagon because politics have taken a very ugly turn these days to the detriment of democracy. I think democracy is worth defending even if it means defending the right of people I disagree with to have a voice. It comes down to human rights for me.

Try the fact that a court of law found the party and its leadership were connected to a string of violent attacks including murder - and murder is a pretty nasty violation of someone's human rights when killed for their political beliefs.
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