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World Cup TV Channel

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Re: World Cup TV Channel

Postby Paphitis » Thu Jun 19, 2014 12:26 am

DT. wrote:
Paphitis wrote:BTW Old Boy. The ELO Ranking System is the most accurate and thorough Football Ranking System.

All time since 1960, Australia is ranked 25 and higher than Greece which is ranked at 32.

Australia's Current ranking is 33! In 2001, Australia was ranked 9 and 14 according to FIFA in 2009! :D

Cyprus is not even mentioned! :cry:

So don't under estimate Australia because it is a Football powerhouse! :lol:

:? Erm according to this Paphiti Greece is 23rd and Australia is 41st.....

Look DT,

Australia is in a building phase and this is a new squad. Young and untested.

But my God, if Greece play Australia they will be demolished just like they were demolished by every single team in every game they played in the World Cup. In fact, if they played Australia today, the Greek Team will never be allowed back into Greece because thy would seriously have embarrassed themselves!
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Re: World Cup TV Channel

Postby Get Real! » Thu Jun 19, 2014 1:12 pm

Paphitis wrote:But my God, if Greece play Australia they will be demolished...

Nah... they're more clinical than Australia. You'll be doing all the huffing and puffing for sure and they'll get 1 or 2 goasls in.
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Get Real!
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