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Coast guard seizes Turkish ship carrying weapons to Libya

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Coast guard seizes Turkish ship carrying weapons to Libya

Postby yialousa1971 » Thu Sep 03, 2015 8:04 am

Greek Coast Guard seizes vessel loaded 5K rifles, 500K bullets. Destination: Islamic State in Libya?

Greece’s Coast Guard seized a cargo vessel loaded with weapons off the island of Crete in the east Mediterranean Sea. According to local media, cargo vessel HADDAD 1 is carrying a Bolivian flag and was sailing from Turkey to Libya. In the early morning hours of Tuesday, units of the Greek coast guard seized the vessel off the city of Ierapetra, after a tip off. The inspection revealed an illegal cargo, an unknown number of weapons hidden containers. Officially, the vessel was carrying plastic items.

After the inspection concluded, the Greek coast guard arrested the crew and forced the vessel to change route and sail to the port of Heraklion.

According to information leaked to local media, the vessel’s destination was a port in Libya and there is suspicion that the weapons were to be delivered to Islamic State units.

HADDAD 1 arrived at the port of Herakleion and custom authorities immediately started the inspection. According to Greek media, 17 containers have opened by noon and they contained weapons and ammunition. 500,000 bullets and 5,000 rifles mainly for police use as well as other types of firearms. ... -in-libya/
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Re: Coast guard seizes Turkish ship carrying weapons to Liby

Postby supporttheunderdog » Thu Sep 03, 2015 9:05 am

Nice post. I am trying to find information on ownership and operational control but technichally she is Bolivian not Turkish. Bolvia is of course an interesting flag of convenience nation with no coast line, the major bit of navigable water being lake Titicaca at 3500 meters.

Whether or not there are Turkish ownership Or management interests involved one must question conievance by Turkey by state enties in Turkey.

However it gets even more interesting as the so called TRNC psuedo 'puppet state Turkish military occupied zone is possibly involved . The ship was reported in Egypt in July then dropped out of site till end August when she popped up in Iskendurun. Then she called at Famagusta, before heading back to Iskendurun and starting on this voyage.

Well done Greek Coast guard...
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