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Democratic Dictatorship

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Democratic Dictatorship

Postby Get Real! » Thu Sep 17, 2015 6:54 pm

Democratic Dictatorship

Under a democracy the masses only get to decide every 4-5 years which of two dictators gets to run the country. This is known as the two party system, and if they’re lucky they may have three dictators to choose from and this is known as the three party system, although rare.

Once a dictator has been selected the masses have absolutely no other say in how the country will be run for the next 4-5 years and it is up to the voted dictator’s selected friends and allies (ministers/senators) to democratically vote on all issues concerning the masses.

The public’s consent is no longer needed under a democracy and is thus no longer flirted by the dictators until the 4-5 year dictatorial tenure has come to an end once again.

Once elected, the dictator has nationwide powers over the masses via inherited Police and Military forces. These controlling tools are used to quell the masses if they change their mind about the selected dictator and the dictator will be quick and brutal to remind them of the obligatory agreement.

Disgruntled citizens are allowed to voice their disapproval of the dictator by concentrating at a pre-specified location and time and under strict pre-specified conditions as accepted by the dictator, all designed to have negligible impact on the dictator’s stay.

Sometimes it is possible for the democratic dictator to conspire with his selected friends and allies to extend the 4-5 year tenure as desired without public consent via a legal loophole or some real or manufactured destabilization technique to facilitate such an extension of tenure.

The aim of such an act is to morph the democratic dictatorship into an imposed dictatorship for the benefit of the dictator and his friends and allies. Once again the inherited Police and Military forces will be utilized if needed by the dictator and his friends, to quell any resistance to such a decision.

The Democratic Dictatorship has become the de facto standard of rule of most of the presumed civilized world and it is taught and encouraged in schools early on to condition the masses that it is good.

Indeed Democratic Dictatorship is celebrated by its many supporters as one of Man’s greatest inventions and accomplishments and used as an example of progress and justice for the masses!

Today, Democratic Dictatorship is revered worldwide to the point where its origin is highly contested but so far the Greeks are winning and being recognized as the inventors of this genius. :|
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