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Putin for president of the United States!

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Re: Putin for president of the United States!

Postby supporttheunderdog » Wed Sep 30, 2015 2:54 pm

GreekIslandGirl wrote:
supporttheunderdog wrote: Opponents are murdered qv the pollonium killing in London.

Wasn't there mounting evidence that this was an inside job by British Intelligence, before the trial was stopped?

I am not aware that a trial started let alone has been stopped since the main suspect was not extradited -

GreekIslandGirl wrote:I think their defence against this has been to stop the Putin slanders and muddy their own waters with things like:

According to unnamed British security sources contacted with Richard Beeston, Daniel McGrory and Tony Halpin of The Times, "Litvinenko might have been killed after a deal that went wrong with associates involved in the ruthless world of Russian business".[80] The article's authors said Litvinenko "was envious of the money many of his former colleagues were making" and that his friends said he claimed to be involved in investigations of smuggling rings for nuclear material and prostitutes.


All much more interesting than 007. :P

Where would such people get Polonium? Rather other theories suggest he was murdered because of his alleged knowledge of alleged connections between Putin and Russian Organised Crime - In deed rather than Rather the British Government has run an official enquiry which only finished taking Testimony on 31st Julyand where the report has not been released yet. See the following for a discussion of the evidence

Then one has the death of Gareth Williams

Indeed a lot more interesting than 007, because this is real life, rather real death.
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