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Mycenaean boats sailing from Greece to Cyprus? Not a chance!

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Re: Mycenaean boats sailing from Greece to Cyprus? Not a cha

Postby supporttheunderdog » Tue Oct 27, 2015 6:22 pm

As Leriou has pointed out the Mycenaeaisation of Cyprus is a a factoid which is increasingly being questioned while Jennings, hypothesis is that the Hellenisation of Cyprus was post Myceanean - it was 100 years after the collapse of Mycenaean civilisation by a people who did not bring Linear B with them but once again had to adopt and adapt a local script.

There is no doubt that by 1100 BC it was possible to navigate from Cyprus even to Mainland Greece with crafts then available (eg the Kyrenia type ship), but this was by no doubt mostly by coast hugging, but the Aegean people who came here were probably few in number, initially mostly merchants, buying and selling goods on the way, and it was only later that Freebooters (probably mostly male warriors, engaged in a conquest event), with their later successors trying to give themselves cred by the invention of foundation myths with links to the gods.
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