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Erdogan's win...

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Erdogan's win...

Postby repulsewarrior » Mon Nov 02, 2015 6:02 pm

...watching the CBC in Canada, the crowds, the cameras zooms in on a flag in passing, and cuts to another image, I can't believe my eyes, (nothing is said about it) but this is the second time since this election, that i've seen the Flag of Cyprus, in the crowd, in Turkey. If it is possible, what does it mean?

...any guesses what Erdogan will do, a leader with a government just in a position of majority?

I guess he will 'solve' the Cyprus Problem, because it is easy, (because it would be a boon to Turkey's tarnished image Internationally, (because as things are framed, it could happen soon)); if he recognises Cyprus. (and allowing for the recognition of minorities, as Persons, rather than what is "Turkish" and not "Turkish" (read: "Greek"), he can for the sake of his own country, unite the Turkish people, by recognising that a Turk, is a Turk, and Turkey's strength comes from its diversity, as it always had, one does not have to be a "Turk" to be a Turk.)

...what is it? Two more years, until the next big move, toward a "new Turkey"? He will reap the rewards of all his investments, but it is a confidence game, is he more than a bully?

So far, his legacy is slim. Is he a Statesman?
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