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Stupid Obama: we should have deployed to Ukraine

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Re: Stupid Obama: we should have deployed to Ukraine

Postby Tim Drayton » Wed Nov 18, 2015 11:02 am

miltiades wrote:The Arab spring has produced not a single democracy.

There is Tunisia.

Apart from that, I have frequently suggested that a historical parallel is provided by the 1848 year of revolutions in Europe which, after its defeat, was followed by decades of reaction leading eventually to Hitler and Mussolini, yet without 1848 I do not believe we would have the Europe of today in which basic democratic rights and freedoms are enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights. History moves in dialectics, not straight lines, and I believe the aspirations voiced in the Arab spring will eventually come to fruition.
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Re: Stupid Obama: we should have deployed to Ukraine

Postby Paphitis » Wed Nov 18, 2015 7:10 pm

miltiades wrote:
Paphitis wrote:
miltiades wrote:You have become the most boring uninteresting contributor on the forum. Do you really care so much whether one dictator is or is not replaced by another. Your persistent drivle is due to the fact that you are still wet behind the ear. Grow up and shut up

Yes I really do care and every country will transition at some stage.

I actually think it is very important that Syrians no matter which Muslim sect they are a part of, Christians and Kurds are treated equally and given the same opportunities and because this uprising was begun by the Syrian People several years ago and escalated by Assad into Civil War, it is important for the International Community to help them achieve the objectives that the Arab Spring set out to achieve otherwise there will be further bloodshed.

You need to adjust your compass because of your belief that the Syrians need a dictator to keep peace. That is not the case and that is not what they want and we need to support their quest otherwise it is YOU who has become the most uninteresting but further to this it is YOU who is a disgusting racist and a selfish human being because you will close your eyes to the suffering of millions who do not have rights in their own country so that you are not disturbed when having dinner with news of bloodshed. The bloodshed is unfortunately what many Syrians will face in order for their children to have better lives. It is sad that some today will make sacrifices for the future, but they do it for a better tomorrow.

Further to this, their victory is assured. It is just hard to get there, blood will spill, but it is the only way to ensure it doesn't happen again.

Your compassion for the people of Syria is noted, also your views that NATO should have intervened militarily in Ukraine which would inevitably have led to WW3.

I have urged you before that you must think before posting. A few years back you supported war against Turkey by Cyprus, concurring with the psychopath that Turkey could be defeated by the CNG, on its own.

Back to the ME now.

My support for the West is well noted, however as stated many times this support is not blind but realistic.
The ME has for hundreds of years or even thousands been ruled by either a dictatorship or authoritarian regimes. The Arab spring has produced not a single democracy, on the contrary all it has produced is total chaos. Libya, Yemen, Syria and partly Egypt currently ruled by an authoritarian regime. Saudi Arabia is by no means a democracy, why not support a change there too.

Iraq also, an utter mess without the rule of a dictator.

The quicker the West accepts that the ME is best ruled by authoritarian regimes the better for the people of the ME,

Democratic systems are not compatible with Islamic theocratic regimes and never will be. The Arab spring has yet to start, it will do so when mentalities in these regions begin to re examine their blind adherence to a theocratic cohesion handed down from generation to generation. It is literally this obsession that deprives the ME of true democracy.

Are you able to enlighten us as to who will rule Syria once Assad departs. Let me tell you. CHAOS. Just like the departure of Gaddafi, Sadam and others.

The West ought to concentrate not on the removal of Assad but the defeat of the savages that call them selves Isis.

Nonsense. I don't believe Pootin would risk a war with NATO. It would have sent a powerful message is all that would occur.

Russia does not have the Military Capability to even consider attacking NATO forces. It would be suicidal.

Even USA wouldn't risk it really. But in an attack by Russia is utter lunacy.
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