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Nuclear strike and Cyprus.

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Nuclear strike and Cyprus.

Postby Toran » Thu Dec 03, 2015 3:14 am

In this post i would like to comment on a following matter about Nuclear strikes and the damage it will do to the present and Future.
The Reason behind my post is about New's Media writing articles about Russia meeting Nuclear allies to crush the alliance, If the reader
is a casual and logical person he or she would understand that this line is something from a Bond film. The best yet there's a video online of a man who s supposed to be the minister of defense speak's of eradicating the Turkish population. Well it seem's to be something wrong about this and i question the video's credibility of Greek translation because why say that out the open either the video is false or the Minister of defence is Cobra Commander and Putin is Destro, forgive me for the references but it goes as following Russia is upset in two way's and it goes 1st The people Are saddened for the Loss of it's one pilot as they should as people.
2nd The government is frustrated for they lost a the War plane and a Trained pilot because both the object and the person cost Russia millions of taxpaying money.
Now this would have been avoided if Turkey had Locked Down the Plane and Escort it out of its borders.

On the matter now is this Cyprus and Greece do not i repeat do not need a Nuclear Bomb dropped next to us, not many understand this but it goes as this. The power added on a nuclear bomb is Megatons the Atomic Bomb's consisted of Kilotons and the most strongest nuclear bomb designed by the USSR is made of 100MT.

Now this was designed when the USSR existed so you must be aware that in the modern world their are Stronger ones designed from either Russia or USA.
A strike of this caliber what will it mean to Cyprus and Greece well we must pray for the wind to blow on a different direction cause the radiation will travel with the wind how i know this there's an app in google called Nukemap it will give a better view of what will happen if such a thing would occur. Off course we wouldn't be done by the blast, it is the radiation that will be our doom. Joke's aside this is a serious danger that must never happen i know that in our country we have Pro-Russian-military fanboys so just know don't believe what they always translate online and even if it is true well may God have mercy on their foolish souls.

I hope u know what you are asking.
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Re: Nuclear strike and Cyprus.

Postby Get Real! » Thu Dec 03, 2015 3:40 am

No worries... there's always the Thermobaric solution too.
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