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The Christian Islamic Jihad

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The Christian Islamic Jihad

Postby Paphitis » Thu Feb 18, 2016 5:26 pm

Yes that's right folks. It sees it's not only the Armenians!

The Syrian Opposition comprises many minorities, such as:

The Syrian Civil War has been described as an "intensely sectarian conflict".[2] The focus of the conflict has been identified as a ruling minority Alawite government (with Alawites being a largely syncretic Shiite Muslim offshoot from which President Assad's most senior political and military associates are drawn) and allied Shi'a governments such as Iran, pitted against the country's Sunni Muslim majority who are aligned with the Syrian opposition and their Sunni Turkish and Persian Gulf State backers.[3] The conflict had drawn in other ethno-religious minorities, including Armenians, Assyrians, Druze, Palestinians, Kurds, Yazidi, Mhallami, Arab Christians, Mandaeans, Turkmens and Greeks.[4][5]

In 2012 the first Christian Free Syrian Army unit formed,[6] yet it was reported that the Assad government still had the reluctant support of the majority of the country's Christians of various ethnicities and denominations.[7][8] By 2013 an increasing number of Christians favored the opposition.[9] In 2014, the predominantly Christian Syriac Military Council formed an alliance with the FSA,[10] and other Syrian Christian militias such as the Sutoro had joined the Syrian opposition against the Assad regime.[11]

Yes folks, the Free Syrian Army had Christian Units as far back as 2012.

These are your "terrorists"

Congratulations for your hypocrisy and complete and utter debauchery. Well done.

Fact is, thank God we have the USA willing to stand in their corner.
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